Friday, November 21, 2008

#65: Name That ((Not A Movie))!

Originally rendered by the allegedly all-knowing Full Tang.

11.25.2008 Updated for much greater accuracy by Big Jilm. It should also be noted that this is _not_ a movie, although Full Tang refuses to get with the program and indicate what kind of media it is.

Now with ever greater accuracy.

Incrementally greater accuracy.

With greater confidence in the air, we will never surrender.


Jimmy Bloughtou said...

Fly... away .. away... to someplace else other than this place... perhaps during the night?

Big Jilm said...

You're running hot, JB... BUT CAN YOU SCORE?

Jorge said...

Is this a gd video game?

Jorge said...

I got it.

Jimmy Bloughtou said...

Fly by Night - Rush

Jorge said...

I got it by googling Rush album covers. Maybe when the unstoppable Full Tang finally goes through them all we can get back to MOVIE sketchups.