Friday, November 14, 2008

#64: Name That Sketch Comedy!

Updated for greater accuracy.


Full Tang said...

Those are some sweet green space titties.

The Balls said...

Something like Earth Girls are Easy?

Big Jilm said...

Sadly, no. I don't think you'll be seeing any films featuring Julee Brown on SMT, at least not from me.

Notice it says it's a comedy sketch...

The Balls said...

Astronaut Jones. I didn't even see the Sketch Comedy part.

Big Jilm said...

YES! A great triumphant for the Balls.

Yeah, it's my way,
on the old space highway.
That's why they all say,
"There goes Astronaut Jones!"

Astronaut Jones: This is Astronaut Jones. I'm on the planet Porpula. There seems to be no one around. Over. I'll keep looking. Over. Maybe there's.. danger.

Announcer: "Astronaut Jones." Tonight's episode: Episode 16, The Creature From Porpula.

Astronaut Jones: [into walkie-talkie] Hello, Earth? I think I hear someone coming. I'm going to make contact. Over and out, Earth. Bye.

Female Alien: Earthling, my name is Krugella.

Astronaut Jones: Uh-huh.

Female Alien: I'm the Queen of Perillians.

Astronaut Jones: Right.

Female Alien: A proud and peace-loving race.

Astronaut Jones: Right.

Female Alien: My people have been awaiting your arrival for some time now.

Astronaut Jones: Stay word.

Female Alien: We're in desperate need of your help.

Astronaut Jones: Dig it.

Female Alien: The Galaxians have seized our cities and plundered our riches.

Astronaut Jones: What?

Female Alien: They will stop at nothing until our whole civilization is...

Astronaut Jones: Mmm-hmm.

Female Alien: ...blotted from the universe.

Astronaut Jones: Say what.

Female Alien: You're our only hope.

Astronaut Jones: Right.

Female Alien: You must help us...

Astronaut Jones: Dig.

Female Alien: ...or we will surely perish.

Astronaut Jones: Mmm-hmm.

Female Alien: What do you say?

Astronaut Jones: Right.

Female Alien: What do you say to that, Great One?

Astronaut Jones: Well, why don't you drop out of that green jumpsuit and show me that fat ass!

Big Jilm said...

This one's got me beat: