Saturday, August 16, 2008

#44: Name That Movie!

Originally rendered by the Full Tang.

08.17.2008 - Edited by Big Jilm to add 5% greater accuracy.

08.22.2008 - Redux by Full Tang for extra action/accuracy. GET IT!


Al said...

Uli in the Big Lebowski

Big Jilm said...

Ha ha! No!

Big Jilm said...

This scene is from a film yet to be posted on SMT (so far...)

Murphy said...

In the original, daylight iteration it looks a bit like those Vegas timeshare infomercials with Alan Thicke lounging on a raft, sipping a tropical drink.

And in case you were worried if Alan Thicke is really drinking an alcoholic beverage!?!? Not to worry, he's not. WHEW!!! We know this because they put a disclaimer on the bottom of the screen: "Drinks shown do not contain alcohol".*

*I'm not making this up. Obviously Kirk Cameron's contract had a rider stipulating that his "Growing Pains" costars couldn't drink onscreen, EVER AGAIN.

Full Tang said...

Murphy, if you've haven't bought into Tahiti Village then you are a GD fool. Rosanne told me just this morning (and yesterday morning, etc) on Howard Stern that this offer is for a limited time only. I feel sorry for you.

The Intelligent Thinker said...

A fool offers a man money. A man says, "Who am I to turn down a fool's money."