Tuesday, August 26, 2008

#51: Name That Movie!

Originally rendered by Murphy, who has 1,000 rhymes (and almost as many styles).

And if it's not obvious to everyone, Murphy's impetuous, frame-based styling is to be enjoyed/pondered starting in upper left, then upper right, then lower left, then lower right.

And finally, as originally submitted by Murphy; you can really feel the motion.


Jimmy Bloughtou said...

Looks to me like the Royal Tenembaums

Big Jilm said...

A great victory for Jimmy. You can truly hear "Me and Uncle Julio Down by the Schoolyard" playing when you watch that one.

How about some contributions, JB? Or is it against the law?

Jorge said...

It was against the law!

The Balls said...

I was going to guess that crappy Emilio Estevez / Charlie Sheen movie, Men at Work. But why would anyone ever create a scene from that?