Tuesday, August 19, 2008

#45: Name That Movie!

Originally rendered by incorrigible Full Tang.


Murphy said...

"Starship Troopers"?

With... mice. Instead of bugs.


Al said...

For f'sake murph that's a whop-rat not a mouse. It's Blue Havest, from the Family guy. StarWars

or it could be the Princess Bride

Big Jilm said...

I don't recall Princess Bride featuring T-16's, although I haven't seen it since college[1]. Al wins - EPIV.

[1] While receiving an awesome HJ in the student union theater.

Big Jilm said...

That Whoop-Rat never had a chance.

I like how the early cuts (i.e. slideshows) of Blue Harvest/EPIV previewed at ComicCon '76[1] featured the 20 minute Socratic dialogue between Biggs and Luke re: the nature of the Rebellion[2].

It was wisely cut.

[1] This is not a joke.

[2] Which, of course, never considered itself "the Rebellion", but rather the Alliance to Preserve the Republic.